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Founded in 2004, Malcon is a trusted Indiana company providing local governments with superior management consulting services to optimize program revenues and service delivery to the citizens of the communities we serve.

Fuel Tax Claim Preparation and Submission

Indiana State Law requires all businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit, to pay Excise Fuel Taxes (aka Road Taxes) when purchasing gasoline and diesel fuel. A refund may be available based on how the fuels are used. The Indiana Department of Revenue-Special Tax Division provides an avenue to claim a refund by submitting documentation and forms to IN-DOR for review and approval.

Malcon works with our clients to establish proper reporting procedures, gathers documentation required for submission, and completes the appropriate forms to ensure eligible reimbursements are received accurately and timely.

Medicaid Ambulance Cost Reimbursements

Local Governmental ambulance providers may be able to receive additional annual Medicaid reimbursements for their services. The Federal Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning is authorized to provide supplemental payment adjustments to in-state ambulance providers. This payment adjustment is intended to reimburse the actual incurred costs of providing ambulance services to eligible Medicaid beneficiaries.

Malcon works with our clients to gather the expenditures, charges, and run information required for submission of the Medicaid Cost Reimbursement, as well as answers any questions the State might have prior to and after reimbursement.

County Cost Allocation Plan Preparation and Submission

Counties operate a number of grant programs that the State of Indiana and the Federal Government reimburse costs of those operations. In the mid-1970's, the Federal Government established rules by which local government would be reimbursed for administrative/support costs associated with the operation of the local grant programs. The Cost Allocation Plan has become an essential tool that enables Indiana counties to recover the indirect costs of operating these programs.

Malcon works with our clients to gather necessary reports, time analysis, and other supporting documentation required for submission for reimbursement. Before completion, Malcon always reviews documentation with the client to ensure the accuracy and understanding of each year’s plan.

Title IV-D Reimbursement Claiming Services

Indiana counties perform essential services in the area of child support enforcement through the Offices of the Prosecuting Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Courts and the Courts. The State of Indiana and Federal funding of specific child support cases (Title IV-D) allows for the reimbursement of 66% of eligible costs.

Malcon works with our clients to collect all supporting documentation for the submission of each monthly claim for reimbursement. Malcon ensures audit defensibility by staying up to date on ever changing guidance as well as working to ensure our clients are knowledgeable with their available funds enabling them to spend confidently and appropriately.

Our Philosophy

Since Malcon’s founding in 2004, our goal has been to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

We begin with education. Providing our clients with a comprehensive overview of the core service they are interested in will give them the information to then make fully informed decisions based on their specific needs.

Malcon then develops a system to fully achieve the goals of our core services. Our combined technical and administrative staff tailor procedures and action plans to best fit our client’s operations which develop results to optimize financial recoveries, present those results clearly to all stakeholders, and provide robust audit defense.


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